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The Vision

How are we going to viewed in the world?

To be an innovative aspirational community for the active 55+ of every generation.

The Mission

What we're doing now and plans for the future.

We seek to provide the highest level of vibrant living and inspire a strong sense of leadership, pride, and responsible home ownership by providing ethical and fiscally responsible solutions, promoting a strong sense of community, focusing on excellence in amenities and activities, and being worthy stewards of our natural environment

The Values

  • Integrity - A constant and absolute commitment to trust through honesty and transparency.

  • Accountability - The obligation of each of us to be realistic, to carry out our mission, and too achieve our vision, day to day and on an ongoing basis

  • Fiscal Responsibility - For Del Mesa Carmel and each community member to promote and ensure a strong financial foundation to maintain and invest in our shared areas, now and in the future 

  • Community We seek to foster a spirit de corps and an enriched quality of life while strengthening the bonds that exist among each of us, built upon trust, stewardship, and respect. Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with all those whose lives we touch... our neighbors, staff, guests, vendors, and partners

  • Environmental Sustainability - Caring for, optimizing, and honing the abode and our collective surrounding areas which we reside.

  • Safety - To minimize the risk of danger

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