Want to Know More?

You can contact the Chairperson for a Committee and ask for information about their group. You can also attend one of their meetings to learn more.

See the Calendar for the monthly meeting date and time for each Committee and some of the other Groups.  You can call the Chairperson for the Committee and ask to attend.

To see a list of Chairpersons and Members of the Committees or groups, click here.


 Association Committees


Activities Committee

Consists of residents who assume responsibility for organizing various activities during the year, including holiday parties (4th of July BBQ, New Year's Eve Party, New Year's Day Open House), a Home Tour and/or Fashion Show, periodic cultural events, and the annual Del Mesa Anniversary Party. This committee also sponsors the SOLOS Plus, BYOB, events to welcome new residents, and coordinates the White Owl Sales that are held to raise money to support the committee's annual events.

Appreciation Fund Committee

Receives and administers contributions, bequests and gifts in the form of money, stocks, bonds or real property, to be used for the benefit of the Association and its members. The Committee consists of two members of the Board of Directors and three Association members at large.

Building and Grounds Committee

Responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding all aspects of home remodeling and landscape change requests.  Ensures all requested changes conform to current Ground Rules. Protects and maintains the community's architectural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Enrichment Committee

Members plan and present a variety of activities designed to enhance the life experience of Del Mesa residents. The committee also serves as an information and referral source to help residents with similar interests 'connect' with one another.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Provides information to residents on how to be prepared for an emergency. Members who have taken CERT training know how to coordinate help with Emergency Responders.


Finance Committee

Committee members do not need an accounting or financial background, just a practical approach to sound business practices. This committee is selected in early March of each year and is chaired by the Treasurer of the Board.

House Committee

Members of this committee take on projects assigned by the Board regarding the aesthetics of the Clubhouse and Del Mesa's six room Guest house.  After doing their research, they make recommendations to the Board.  

LifeCare Committee

Coordinates those programs and activities related to the health and life-care interests of Del Mesa residents. Included among those programs for which the committee is responsible are: weekday blood pressure checks for residents, exercise and fitness programs, health care and financial planning educational sessions, volunteer transportation services, and maintenance of library reference material.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee works with Del Mesa Carmel HOA leadership, residents and staff, to define a vision for Del Mesa's future, identify organizational goals, and prioritize objectives to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Welcoming Committee

Conducts orientation meetings with new residents to welcome them to the community and inform them of general policies and procedures of the Association. Advises new residents of ongoing activities and programs provided by Del Mesa, and encourages them to explore opportunities to contribute to community life.

Ad Hoc Committees

These are temporary committees formed from time-to-time at the direction of the Board of Directors. They work on specific areas of interest or projects, and report information to the Board to help the Board can make an informed decision.

Other Groups

Art Association plus Gallery Group

This active club encourages artistic endeavors in the Art & Craft building, where residents can use the workspace and store their art supplies. Club activities include field trips to museums, showing art films and an art book club. 

Gallery Group residents (no requirement to be an artist) schedule and hang the perpetual artwork displays in the Clubhouse. The opening of a new exhibit often includes artist(s) reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Grassy Paws

Members oversee maintenance of the dog park established for the benefit and enjoyment of the community's canine residents and their owners.


Green Thumb Association

A gardening club provides members the use of a potting shed
and garden plot (subject to availability).  Various social functions are held each year, including an open house for all residents.  Social memberships are available for those not interested in gardening.

Lawn Bowlers

Membership provides the opportunity to enjoy a game that is more social than golf while no more strenuous than pitching horseshoes. Del Mesa Lawn Bowlers are members of the United States Lawn Bowling Association, and are welcomed at any other USLBA club. Lessons and equipment are available for new members. The bowling green is open Tuesday through Saturday for play. The club holds monthly luncheons. Del Mesa Bowlers have their own web site: www.DelMesaLBC.org  They welcome your visit!

Library Association

A group of volunteers that maintains the collection of approximately 3,000 books, magazines, newspapers and video selections available in Del Mesa's library.  Meetings are held monthly to select books for purchase and inclusion in the library. The Library Association may host presentations and receptions during the year for all residents. An annual Christmas dinner party is held for members.


This social group for single residents is sponsored by the Activities Committee, and holds a monthly dinner and may arrange other events on and off site. While the group was established for singles, events are open to any residents who would like to attend.


Individuals interested in woodworking enjoy the use of a workshop located in the basement of the Clubhouse. Membership is open to all residents who agree to the club's safety and equipment operating requirements.

BYOB & Social Hour

Several very casual groups were formed by residents who want to meet in the Clubhouse for beverages and an hour of socialization at the end of the day.  Some residents continue into the Dining Room for dinner, others may purchase appetizers or small plates to go.  Everyone is welcomed to join in, and using the Dining Room is not a requirement. It is a great way to get acquainted.