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Management Report, Financial Statement and supplementary information with independent Auditor's Report for the period ending December 31, 2019

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The information presented in this report has been prepared as a general guide for prospective owners

Ground Rules Including Changes to 50, 51 & 52, Appendices B, F

Ground Rules Including Changes to 50, 51, & 52, Appendices B, F

Articles of Incorporation

Del Mesa Carmel Community Association, Inc. was incorporated as a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of California in 1994, and the incorporation document was registered with the California Secretary of State at that time.  This corporation then replaced the unincorporated association known as Del Mesa Carmel Community Association.  


The Bylaws document contains the information that governs daily operations within Del Mesa Carmel. For example, the Bylaws put forth the rules for resident voting, the powers and duties of the Board, as well as the process for collection of dues and enforcement of restrictions.  

Declaration of Protective Restrictions (CC&Rs)

The Declaration is the document that defines owners, residents, homes (units), common area, etc. Responsibilites and rights of owners as well as the powers and purpose of the Association are defined.  The Bylaws are secondary to the Declarations, as the Bylaws essentially describe the operational implementation of the rules and restrictions in the Declarations.  

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Additional Documents & Resources

General Manager's Report

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Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas

VP Report & Committee Minutes 

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